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Frequently Asked Questions


Which areas do you cover?  
I  live  in  Farnham,  Surrey, very  close to  the  border of  Hampshire,  and this  is the  basic  area  that I cover.  
How far in advance do I need to book a photo session?  
I strongly recommend that you book a session at least 1 week before the desired date of the shoot.  
What is the average turnaround time for the photographs?  
It all depends on the size of job. Usually, I am able to get the final pictures to you within 1 week after the shoot. If you need a higher number of pictures (over 30) – the turnaround time can take up to 2 weeks or more. Of course, most individual portraits will be available almost immediately.  
Once you provide me with a short description of your requested shoot, I can give you a more precise answer.  
What size and format do your images come in?  
Clients  receive  JPG  files  in  the  highest  possible  quality  and  resolution.  Upon  request,  I  can  also optimize images for websites.  
Can I get the RAW images?  
I prefer not to deliver RAW images, which I keep in my archives. But if you need RAW images, please inform me about this before the shoot.  
How do you deliver the photographs? 
On a flash drive or DVD – according to the client’s preferences.  
Do you process/retouch the photos after the photo shoot?  
Yes, I do. If you have any special requests – please, be sure to let me know about them ahead of time. 
Do you need advance payment?  
 Only when travel expenses will be relatively high. Then, advance payment is required to cover the initial costs. This applies to shoot locations that are over 20 miles away. All clients may cancel any photo session up to 24 hours before the scheduled date of the shoot without losing their advance. 
After this period, payment is nonrefundable.   
What forms of payment do you accept? Do I need to sign anything?  
I accept either cash or bank transfers. Invoices are available upon request. If a session is particularly complex and contains special conditions – the client may request a contract.  
Who owns the copyrights to the photos? 
The copyrights are and always will be owned by me, and cannot be purchased. However, all photos are licensed for unlimited use without any restrictions. The clients are guaranteed full reproduction rights.  
Do you use the pictures you take for your own promotional purposes?  
Yes, unless the client prefers otherwise. Clients may reserve rights to publication prior to making the final payment. Otherwise, by default, I have the right to publish my photos for promotional purposes. I cannot publish the client’s personal information without written consent.  
Should I prepare the interior in any way before the photo shoot? 
I’ll take care of this, personally. We can discuss this in detail before the shoot.  
Do you shoot the exterior in poor weather conditions, too? For example, if it rains or snows?  
Yes,  I  do,  if  I  need  to  achieve  a  certain  effect.  We  can  also  postpone  the  shoot  due  to  weather conditions.  
Can I book a product shoot, not for an interior or building? 
Yes, of course! 
How long does an interior & architectural photo session take?  
It depends on the type of photos you request, and the amount of time I’ll need to spend preparing the background and/or lighting. If you are able to set up everything beforehand – the shoot will be reasonably shorter. In any case, I am ready to spend as much time as necessary on the photo session. If your time is limited, I can accommodate your schedule.  
Do you offer makeup services before the photo session? 
Yes, I can provide makeup services from a professional makeup artist. This is optional (at additional cost) and requires advance notice. 
Where do your photo sessions take place?  
I specialize in open air photography, but I have a personal photo studio if you prefer, and we can also have  the  photo  session  at  a  location  of  your  choice.  Clients  are  responsible  for  obtaining  any location-related permits for all shoots. 
Do you do photo shoots for children as well?  
Yes,  I  do! Of  course,  the presence  of  the  parents or  other  adult  caregivers  is  required  during  the entire duration of the shoot.   
How long does a portrait photo shoot take?  
It all depends on the type of photos that you need.  

 If you haven’t found the answer you’re looking for – don’t hesitate to contact me and ask! 


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