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Chris Serafin

The story behind the passion

About Me

Chris Serafin photo

My passion for photography started at the point where the passion of other photo artists often ends


Because I developed my skills the other way around, beginning with… editing pictures. 
This skill came in handy after  I  graduated with a degree in  IT  and began working as a  website developer. This was when I noticed that in the vast majority of my projects, my clients didn’t even have any pictures that were suitable for editing! So, to make a long story short, I decided to combine my technical knowledge with my artistic potential and apply this to professional interior and exterior photography for commercial purposes.  
This is how  I  began my adventure with architectural photography.  

But when did  I become so passionate about portrait photography?   
Well, I’ve been an amateur guitar player my whole life, so I’ve met a lot of people whose interests are focused on sounds,  not images.  However,  sometimes even they would want to capture their memories in a frame, to be put on display (for many different reasons – personal and promotional). 
These casual photo shoots awoke my interest in portrait photography.  I  realized that a  lot of people,  not just musicians, need high-quality photos taken in open-air scenery,  to be used both officially (i.e., professional websites) and unofficially (like social media).  
This is how I came to pursue my passion in the world of photography. 

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