My service

I am a professional portrait and architectural photographer based in Farnham, Surrey.

My expertise covers all aspect of photography and I am especially interested in producing high-quality portraiture with sophisticated and rather traditional style. My portraits show all the mood and beauty of lively models.

My architectural photography is particularly focused on providing high-quality photos of interiors reflecting the style and charm of the rooms. They also provide all necessary insight required in documentary photography.


Let me show you how I work, and how you can benefit from working with me
Every photo session is different  – this is an indisputable fact. Even if some sessions seem similar, there are always at least a few variables. That’s why you won’t find any fixed prices here. Each time I receive an inquiry about a shot, I need a short description to figure out how much work will be required for this particular session. This way, I can give you the most accurate price, which reflects:

● time – that I need to spend on preparing the photo shoot: on the session itself and post-production;

●  distance – that I have to travel to get to your location; 

●  number of pictures – that you request from the session; 

●  additional costs – that I need to cover.  

If you’re new here, then you probably have a lot of questions. Every client does! Here are the most popular FAQs:

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