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More about prices in photography

In the previous article, I mentioned service prices and how to talk to a photographer. I also wrote that photography is subject to an extremely subjective assessment and it is our taste that should guide us when we choose a photographer. And in special cases?

There are, of course, special cases when someone really needs photos, but they cannot afford the chosen photographer. One such example can be wedding photos. Traditionally, we cannot imagine a wedding without a photographer, but it may happen that, in our opinion, we cannot afford the best. Then what?

First of all, you need to think about contacting the photographer as soon as possible, even when the wedding date is very far away. There may be times when our preferred photographer already has this deadline taken.

You should contact the photographer whose work you like, even if the price on his website seems way too high. Try to negotiate. Perhaps you have a wedding date for a date that is usually unmanned on his calendar and he decides to make the session cheaper.

If nothing can be done and your preferred photographer is out of reach, try to find a cheaper one with a style at least similar to what you want. Remember that when you buy a Ford instead of a Mercedes, you still have a car. When you buy photos that you don't like, you actually have nothing. Photos are a souvenir that you show to others. But you won't show others pictures that you don't like yourself.

If you are already contacting another photographer, try to find out if he could do something similar to your preferred photographer. It is often possible. A good photographer can change the style to the one preferred by the client, provided that he has good examples of this style.

Photography is a luxury product. You take the time to choose the right car, washing machine or fridge, but surprisingly many people don't spend enough time choosing a photographer. This is a big mistake. You pay for something that is supposed to be a souvenir for you, and if you don't like it, you won't use it.

Looking at it from a price point of view, you have to understand that choosing a photographer requires the same commitment as with any other goods or service.

But here the way to gather information is easier. When purchasing items, you can only chat with users. If you choose a photographer - you can talk to the photographer himself. Personally, I would be very happy if my car could tell me what are its strengths and weaknesses: D

Photographers usually spend a lot of time promoting their services, so they are much more likely to talk to their clients than other service providers. If you have any special needs, contact a photographer by email. Such communication is much easier to control than a telephone conversation. You can clearly see if the photographer has answered all your questions or not. You can trace what you asked and think about what you may have forgotten.

The more effort you put into your preparation the better result you will get.


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